• Minister: A/P. Tejumade Daranijo
  • Coordinators: Deaconess Seun Ileola, Deacon Yomi Agbabiaka, Deaconess Chineyen Mike-Madogwe
Baptismal Class

Baptism initiates a believer into the life, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ. This department teaches the fundamentals of our faith and the doctrines of the RCCG to prepare ‘Born Again’ Christians for water baptism.

Believals' Class

This department teaches converts about the rudiments of the Christian faith, equipping them to stand firm, be established in the Christian faith and never backslide.

Workers' Directorate

This department handles the affairs of workers in Christ Church. It is therefore the Human Resource Management and the Learning and Development arm of the church. The department oversees the coordination and welfare of workers in church and also handles the training of old and new workers in Christchurch.