• Minister: A/P Olaitan Osa-Edokpolor

  • Coordinators: Deacon David Nwachukwu, Deaconess Gbadunade Ogunleye

Children Church

This department oversees the spiritual development of children in Christ Church. It handles children from age 2 to age 15.


The Counselling department supports the Pastoral care services for both members and non-members of the Church. The department serves as a referral source in helping our members find solution to their problems whether they be Spiritual, Psychological, Emotional, Relational and/or Social.

Harvest House(Teens Church)

This department handles the teaching and spiritual development of the teenagers in Christ Church. The department provides a platform for self-expression, interactions and mentoring for its members as well as spiritual and physical guidance, practical insight and direction, helping them overcome their present-day spiritual, physical and social challenges as they transition from adolescents to adulthood.

Integrity Network

This unit focuses on the building up of Christian singles. They are responsible for organizing personal development programmes, inspirational seminars, prayer meetings, social activities, promoting fellowship with other single believers and encouraging members to understand and know God's will for their lives.

Men's Ministry

The purpose of this unit is to build men and help them live purposeful lives in all godliness and holiness. It is a ministry that seeks to reach out to people both inside and outside the church, sharing experiences and praying together.

Sunday School

They build up the members of the Church spiritually using the Word of God. They utilize the Sunday School manual written by the church to impart spiritual knowledge.

Christian Sports

This unit is responsible for promoting health and fitness of members of Christ Church through sports and other recreational activities.

Fruitful Vine

This fellowship caters for the physical, medical and spiritual needs of couples trusting God for the womb and those that are pregnant. Members of the department engage in active follow up and visitation of its members especially after childbirth.

House fellowship

The House Fellowship is a basic unit of the congregation that meets in a member’s house. These small "cell groups" have tremendous impact on those who participate. The house fellowship contributes directly to the growth of the Church because the fellowship brings about closer interactions with fellow believers and is a place where believers can study God’s Word, learn, share experiences and burdens, pray, grow, serve, discover and use their spiritual gifts as well as impact their immediate environment.

Marriage & Family Matters

This department provides marriage counseling and helps coordinate weddings held in Christ Church. The department also provides pre-marital counseling.

Power House(Youth Church)

This is the Youth Church of the parish. Members are 20 years old and above. The Youth Church has various activities planned throughout the year to provide opportunities for the development, personal growth, spiritual maturity, service and adequate preparation of youths to fulfill the purpose of God for their lives.

Women of Courage

This department handles the affairs of women in Christ Church. It helps to oversee the welfare and spiritual well-being of women in church. The various programmes and activities of the department provide platforms where the women can deepen their spiritual walk with God, faithfully serve God, the church, and the community.