Christ Marshall

As first point of contact for anyone coming to the church, they function as the traffic controllers with a primary objective to ensure that members and visitors are graciously received on arrival and assisted whilst parking their vehicles. They also facilitate free flow of traffic and ensure safety of vehicles before, during and after service.

Membership & Follow-up

Our members are essentially our reason for existence. This unit maintains the database of the church members and the department also organizes home visits as well as informal interactive sessions between the pastorate and church members during which members are informed about developments in church and also allowed to give feedback and ask questions. The Follow-Up unit is responsible for following up new comers to the church.

Maintenance & Environment

This department is responsible for the maintenance, repairs of equipment and upkeep of the church and its environs. All church property and equipments are kept in the care of this department. They ensure that all these property such as chairs, tables, fans, generators, toilets, television sets etc. are in proper working condition.

Welcome & Hospitality

The House Fellowship is a basic unit of the congregation that meets in a member’s house. These small "cell groups" have tremendous impact on those who participate. The house fellowship contributes directly to the growth of the Church because the fellowship brings about closer interactions with fellow believers and is a place where believers can study God’s Word, learn, share experiences and burdens, pray, grow, serve, discover and use their spiritual gifts as well as impact their immediate environment..