Worship Experience

Extension Services

This department is in charge of sanitation and cleanliness as well as the beautification of the church and its surroundings. They make the physical environment conducive for the worshipers.


They collect and share announcements to be shared with the Church either during service or via other various media to ensure that the church is well informed of activities and happenings both inside and outside the church that affect the church.


Since prayer is the backbone of all we do as believers, Christchurch sustains effective prayer covering through the Prayer Department. This department is committed to continuously praying for the church in general and for the infinite power of God and His blessings on every service. They also provide counsel through the help lines and organize deliverance sessions for people in need of deliverance.

Choir(Sound of Many Waters)

This unit comprises of the choir (Sound of Many Waters) and the instrumentalists (Censers of Gold). They lead the congregation in praise and worship which is a spiritually enriching experience. Serving in the choir is a sacred responsibility that involves major time commitment for rehearsals, dedication, faithfulness, spiritual maturity and musical proficiency and talent.


This department is responsible for the recording and provision of audio-visual packaging of all church programmes, sermons and events in Christ Church. The department also ensures production of excellent quality sound, lightning etc. in the church auditorium. They as well act as an extension of the information desk through the flagship news studio – Christ Church News (CCNews).

Voice of One(Drama)

This is an evangelical group that ministers to people through drama. Drama is used as a powerful tool to give people an understanding of the Bible and the things of God as they relate to everyday life.

Language Ministry

This department coordinates the non - English services and training classes in church. The French Church with the fluent interpreters is home for visiting French speaking nationals as well as members desirous of learning and/or improving the knowledge of the language. The French Church also holds French classes for interested members.

Media Store

This department makes Christian books and audio tapes and CDs available to the church. They also enlighten the church on what books, music CDs and DVDs are available for the edification of the church.


This department takes care of the pastorate and the special guests that visit Christ Church. They also take care of the transportation, accommodation and overall comfort of Guest Ministers.


This department handles the publication of the Christ Church bulletin and other church ministry materials.

Sign Church

This department coordinates the services and caters for the needs of our hearing impaired members. The Signing Church is actively involved in the work of God and the department has grown to become a vital and vibrant tool for empowerment, motivation and evangelism, showcasing God’s awesomeness in diverse situations through ministrations in drama, dance etc. both in Christ Church, others churches and outreaches.


The ushers are generally in charge of maintaining law and order in the church. They welcome people into church and help ensure that members of the congregation are well seated and comfortable. They also maintain peace and calm during the service. They collect and count offerings and assist members of the congregation that need help.